the team



nic niedermowwe

Nic is a blockchain and cryptography expert who has been involved in crypto markets for a number of years and founded a market making business that provides liquidity to crypto exchanges in early 2017.
Prior to this he was an energy derivatives trader at German utility RWE.
Nic holds a PhD in number theory from the University of Oxford and the Certificate in Quantitative Finance with distinction.

michael wong

Michael has spent 11 years at Blackrock and was  a senior portfolio manager leading the systematic fixed income asset allocation team. Prior to this he worked at Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank.
He brings the rigour of institutional fund management and his deep insights into investing to the most exciting alternative asset class.  Michael holds an MSc in Finance from London Business School with distinction.



adam grimsley, CFA

Adam spent 10 years at Blackrock as an investment specialist working with institutional clients to produce rigorous, robust investment solutions designed to meet investment objectives. He brings a deep knowledge of client service and operations to ensure full spectrum client partnership and clarity.
Adam holds a BA from Warwick University, and is a CFA charterholder.